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no matter what
size your fleet

Whether it’s one vehicle or fifty, YouTrack can help
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keep control of
your fuel costs

With rising fuel prices it makes financial sense
to install YouTrack Fleet
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track your fleet
anytime, anywhere

YouTrack Fleet is a 100% web based system
allowing you to track from anywhere in the world
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vehicle reports
or on demand

Receive your vehicle reports by email automatically
or just by the click of a button

How YouTrack Works

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Features & Demo

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YouTrack Fleet is specifically designed for ease of use, cost and tailored to the solution you need to effectively manage your fleet.

iphone fleet useIt is widely recognised that vehicle management systems will revolutionise the control and logistical organisation of companies that carry out a proportion of their business on the road.”

Government legislation is placing ever increasing restrictions upon working practices, combined with rising fuel costs and drivers wages, not to mention the security implications due to theft.

Given the competitive environment in which companies with mobile employees operate, it is increasingly difficult to ignore the advances in technology which aid in the day to day running of a business and the financial benefits they bring with them.

In order for your business to get the maximum benefits from YouTrack Fleet, it is important that you understand that the data provided by the system will provide positional functionality in visual and report formats, which can be utilised in the day to day running of your business.

YouTrack Fleet will improve the capacity and efficiency of your business and this in turn will lead to greater profitability, security of employment and better prospects for the employees.

Don’t let the cost of running a fleet spiral out of control. YouTrack Fleet will allow you to manage your fleet and bring costs under control.