“Every year thousands of pounds are wasted because of poor fleet management.”

With YouTrack Fleet your mobile workforce need never be out of sight or mind again. Thanks to our web-based solution, you can enjoy total visibility of your assets and vehicles from any PC anytime you choose.

YouTrack Ltd is committed to providing YouTrack Fleet as a cost-effective vehicle tracking solution that demonstrates high return on investment. YouTrack Fleet will increase productivity and efficiency in your business.

YouTrack Fleet has all the features necessary to organise and control a busy fleet. Unlike other systems we have tried to keep everything as simple as possible, from the software interface, unit installation, even down to placing an order, with no hidden costs or long term leases.

Cost-BenefitsCost Benefits

  • Improve vehicle-running costs.
  • Reduce fuel consumption costs.
  • Identify unauthorised mileage & overtime expenses.
  • Van taxation usage.
  • Reduce mobile phone costs.
  • Reduce insurance costs*.
    *subject to your insurance company

Customer-ServiceCustomer Service

  • Identify and prove time spent on a specific customer site.
  • Conformance to a customer contract, such as
    adherence to an agreed timed delivery schedule.
  • Customers can be advised as to the whereabouts of their deliveries.
  • Trusted customers can be assigned a temporary login to track a specific vehicle.

Total-ControlTotal Control

  • YouTrack fleet can be transferred from your old vehicles to your new by your own trained staff, saving money and giving greater flexibility.
  • Own the system yourselves after the term.
  • No expensive monthly communications contracts or hidden charges.

Operational-BenefitsOperational Benefits

  • Analysis of reports to give better control and overview of fleet usage.
  • Locate nearest vehicle to job.
  • Reduce journey times.
  • Re-route drivers more resourcefully.
  • Achieve more calls or visits per day.
  • Ensure better route planning

Security-BenefitsSecurity Benefits

  • Increase recovery of vehicles and load.
  • Instant awareness of out of hour movement.
  • Help gain new business by ensuring
    security of goods.

Health-and-SafetyHealth & Safety

  • Monitor excessive speeding.
  • Conform to working hour directives.
  • Duty of care act.
  • Protection of single drivers/lone workers.


  • React straight away to a potential issue.
  • Set up warning alerts if your vehicle does something out of the ordinary.
  • Instant notification when vehicles entering and leaving customers.