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Nearly all of us have been in a situation where we have been looking at our watch, maybe pacing up and down wondering where someone is. In almost all cases it’s just something simple like someone has been delayed or is late from school or work. Human nature can’t stop us worrying or being anxious about not knowing. However there’s also the chance that something unfortunate could happen, so it’s also good to be prepared!

Whether it’s peace of mind about your child’s location, concern for an elderly member in your family, reassurance while carrying out a sporting activity or generally just out and about, YouTrack Halo offers you affordable personal tracking all at the touch of a button.

YouTrack Halo is an innovative small GPS tracking device (77 x 47 x 20mm) which may be carried in your pocket or bag, fastened to your belt or even hung round your neck.

Although we use the latest advances in satellite and mobile phone technology in the design and development of YouTrack Halo, we’ve combined these two technologies’ to make YouTrack Halo as simple as possible to use. YouTrack Halo gives you the ability to:

  • Pin point the precise location of family members, friends and loved ones via the internet on your smart phone, tablet or PC.
  • Receive SMS and/or Email if a situation arises such as the YouTrack Halo“SOS” button is pressed.
  • Speak directly to the user via two-way communications.
  • Set up a number of alerts to be notified when an event is triggered.

Did you know running a YouTrack Halo costs less than 23p a day!* Over a week, that’s a lot less than a single small Americano coffee at high street prices. Why not introduce it to your friends and family for complete peace of mind. (*excluding SMS messages)

YouTrack Halo is designed to be discreet and totally portable, providing invaluable peace of mind for those wishing to locate and communicate with individuals, groups and loved ones. It is quick, accurate and above all reliable. Have a browse through our website to read more.