Even as adults we may feel more secure and reassured knowing that at a press of a button someone knows precisely where we are.

Not every situation is dark and sinister and YouTrack Halo could be a lifestyle solution for you and your family. As adults we can probably all recall a number of situations where a solution like YouTrack Halo would be of use.

Simple everyday events can make us all feel a little vulnerable when no one knows where you are. Something as simple as traveling home from work or a friend’s house or taking the dog out for a walk at night can make any of us feel a little uneasy. What about the loved ones at home waiting and wondering what time you will be back?

Listed below are just a couple of situations where YouTrack Halo could be of use:

Travelling to and from work
Working late, not sure what time you are leaving? Most of us will give a loved one a quick telephone call to say leaving the office, but what about once you’ve left and on your way? How many times have you been delayed, whether it’s chatting to someone on your way out of calling into a shop on your way home? It may be a 15 minute walk, 30 minute drive or an hour’s bus ride, but having the ability for your family to know you’re on your way home gives them reassurance and peace of mind.

Ever been sat at the train station yourself or waiting for friends/family to turn up at your house for dinner or a meeting in town? With YouTrack Halo you can set up a temporary password (timed periods) so your friends can track your progress on their mobile, tablet or PC. How may times have you had a phone call asking where you are when you’re trying to leave the house? YouTrack Halo has many uses for many situations.