As parents, we want nothing more than to ensure that our children are safe all the time. However, we can’t always be with them every minute of every day.

Every parent has the same concern, protecting and safeguarding their children. Have you ever wondered where your son is after school or when walking from a friend’s house? How about when your daughter is with her friends around town shopping? YouTrack Halo is changing the way many parents observe what their children are doing, and this is resulting in a greater level of peace of mind for them and greater freedom for their children.

Our children don’t have the same concept of time as adults do, they’re too busy exploring the world and having adventures, and it would be a shame to change or restrict that. However, we’ve all had days worried, looking at the clock wondering where our son or daughter is because they’re later than normal from school or walking back from a friend’s house. It’s not just the younger members of our family we worry about; teenagers are notorious for missing curfew times and being late when out with friends.

YouTrack Halo gives you reassurance; you’ll be able to check their location anytime online, with your PC, table or smart phone.

Child Safety
It can happen in a second: children can wander off or disappear from your side, leaving you frantically searching for them. Trips away to unfamiliar places, amusement parks and other crowded areas are some places where your child’s safety may be in jeopardy. However, with YouTrack Halo, you can have peace of mind in knowing where your child is at all times.
From our secure web based software to the device itself, YouTrack Halo is simple to use and has many uses. Have you ever used the words “Ring me when you get there” or “Ring me when you set off”?  With the YouTrack Halo’s GeoFence capability  you can simply set up a zone around the area you wish to be alerted. When your child enters or leaves the area (e.g. school, friend’s house) you will receive a notification by email and/or text message.