Will I be tied to a minimum term contract?
No, once you’ve bought the YouTrack Halo it is yours to keep, there is a fixed monthly data charge which is taken by direct debit but you may cancel your subscription anytime giving 30 days’ notice.
Can more than one person track?
Yes but there will only be one main account holder, however you can have multiple time-limited, temporary accounts. If you require multiple users, you should consider our YouTrack Halo Pro product.

What is a temporary account and why would I use one?
Temporary accounts are time-limited, track-only accounts. They are primarily used to grant access to friends and family to the YouTrack system, for example when driving to a friend’s house, going for a cycle ride and much more. You specify which Halos can be tracked, and a time-window during which the account is active.

Can I have more than one Halo unit on my account?
Yes you can have up to five Halo units associated with your account.  If you require more than five Halos,  you should consider our YouTrack Halo+ product.

Is there a mobile app?
Yes for smart phones, we have a web app that can be accessed by typing m.youtrack.com into your mobile phone web browser and creating a shortcut link on your phone’s desktop.
Can I track from any browser?
Yes. However, we recommend you use Chrome.
What is the process when ordering?
Simply order from our website, pay by any major debit or credit card and we will acknowledge the receipt of your order by email (if you do not hear from us within 7 days please contact our office direct). Once acknowledged we will dispatch your YouTrack Halo to the delivery address stated.
How long does the battery last before it needs charging?
Because YouTrack Halo constantly transmits your position every two minutes when in constant motion, the battery will last for around 12 hours. When the Halo unit detects no movement after 5 minutes it will go into sleep mode and wake up again when disturbed, prolonging the battery life.
What does the monthly subscription pay for?
Just like a mobile phone, the YouTrack Halo unit contains a SIM card; your monthly subscription pays for this and all the positional data your vehicle sends when moving. It also includes the entire infrastructure behind the scenes such as data centres that house our servers, ongoing system development and  our mapping licences.
How are my monthly subscriptions paid and set up?
When you register your YouTrack Halo for the first time you will be asked to set up your subscription via direct debit electronically. Your subscription will be paid via your bank on the 1st of each calendar month.
With my monthly subscription, am I limited to the amount of times I can track on the Halo?
No you have unlimited use. You can track and assess the YouTrack software when and where ever you like and as many times as you wish.
Can I start to track on my YouTrack Halo straight away?
Yes as long as you have registered your YouTrack Halo.
How do I register my Halo?
All you need to do is visit http://my.youtrack.com and click the “not yet registered” link and follow the on screen instructions. You will need the IMEI and serial numbers that can be found be in the box your YouTrack Halo shipped in.
Can I control what alert messages I receive?
Yes, you have total control of the system and can set up what alerts you receive. However please be aware that if you let anyone else use your account they can also setup alerts too.
What is the charge for email and text message alerts?
Email alerts are free of charge and text messages (SMS) are charged at 12p per text message. All SMS messages are charged via your direct debit and are only charged once you have exceeded £3 credit.
Can I change my password at any time?
Yes via your PC.
Do I have warranty and for how long?
Yes, your warranty period starts from the date of delivery of your YouTrack Halo and is valid for 12 months. However ‘wear and tear’ and using an incorrect charger are not covered under warranty.
Does YouTrack work in Europe?
YouTrack Halo is designed for tracking in the United Kingdom only; however we may be able to facilitate international roaming if going aboard, however a charge will be payable. Please contact YouTrack for further information.