Halo Features

YouTrack Halo has been specifically designed for a wide and varied audience. It is simple in design and easy to operate and is a lifestyle solution for you, your friends and family.
Listed below are some of the key features of YouTrack Halo.

Hardware Features:

Solo unit

YouTrack Halo is small in Size (77 x 47 x 20mm), lightweight (65g) and dust and splash resistant (charging cover must be in place). Specifically aimed for ease of use, Halo is ruggedised but ergonomically designed.




SOS Alert
YouTrack Halo has an SOS feature that once continually pressed for longer than 2 seconds (to prevent accidental triggering) will send an SMS* and/or email and trigger an alert on your YouTrack website. The SOS feature (as with other alerts) is set up via YouTrack’s web based software. Each SMS* message and email is labelled with the last position of the YouTrack Halo.


Phone Me

Call Me
Similar to the SOS button, once the Call Me button is pressed it will send an SMS* and/or email and trigger an alert on your YouTrack website requesting your desired contact/s (set up via the YouTrack software) to call you. The message sent contains the contact number of the Halo with a message indication to “call me”. Only designated numbers configured via YouTrack software will be able to contact the unit (all other calls are automatically rejected).


Two Way Talk

Two Way Communications
Two way communications may also be established if the telephone number is configured as an authorised number so you may talk directly to the user just like a mobile phone.




Battery Alert

Battery Alert
YouTrack Halo is designed to constantly transmit your position every 2 minutes, with a battery life between 12-16 hours. Integrated intelligent battery management detects when the unit is inactive and powers down elements to conserve battery power. If the battery falls below 15% alerts may also be set up to send an SMS*, email and trigger an alert on the YouTrack software.


Listen In

Listen- In Function
A listen-in function is optionally available so that an authorised number (authorised via the YouTrack Software) may contact the Halo unit to covertly activate an open microphone.



Software Features:

Track from PC
100% Web Based Software
YouTrack Halo is designed to work with our existing YouTrack Software which is a 100% web based system allowing users to login in from any web enabled PC, tablet or smart phone.




Track at the press of a button, either from your PC, tablet of smart phone (*internet connection required). Set up temporary passwords for friends so they can track you when traveling to meeting them or loved ones on their way home.




Map Replay
Replay and overlay journeys of Halo users, whether on foot or in a vehicle, on Google Street level mapping (satellite and street view)




Set up alerts such as SOS, Call Me, Low Battery all from your YouTrack software via your PC