We are often asked “why use a YouTrack Halo device when I have a mobile phone”?

We understand that a YouTrack Halo device is in no way a replacement of your mobile phone. However if you’re asking yourself the question consider the following:

In some situations (For example: sporting activity, walking to/from school) you may not want to take your mobile phone with you. This could be because of size, its expense or more likely the inconvenience of carrying something you will probably never use but need it “just in case”.

YouTrack Halo: is there for you “just in case”, and as it’s a dedicated tracking device it gives you and others the reassurance that someone knows where you are. YouTrack Halo also reduces the need for phone calls to check a person location.

There’s some controversy over the right age a child should be before carrying a mobile phone. A parent’s argument may be in case of an emergency and rightly so. Many children are on Pay As You Go (PAYG) plans which can run out of credit due to calling or texting friends or browsing the internet.

YouTrack Halo: Can only be contacted by the predetermined numbers assigned by the adult. A child can press the “Call Me” button to only receive a call from those predetermined numbers and no other numbers. There is no PAYG with YouTrack Halo just a low cost service agreement that you have full control of.

Most of us want the latest smart phone however but when costs are £400 and more to buy or replace we might think twice in some situations where taking a mobile phone isn’t appropriate.

YouTrack Halo: YouTrack Halo has less chance of getting damaged due to its size and build quality. In the unlikely event that the YouTrack Halo was damaged beyond repair it is a lot cheaper to replace compared to the cost of a new smart phone.

Smart phones are becoming more and more complex and when loaded with the latest apps behave more like computers than phones. These apps, in particular GPS enabled applications drain the battery quickly and more so when the screen is active for interactive apps such as games.

YouTrack Halo: By design, YouTrack Halos’ primary function is tracking and communication, it has no games to play, no social media and its functionality is kept as simple as possible. It’s ideal for all ages from young children to the elderly for you to keep in touch when it counts!

Mobile phone app tracking is generally “poll on demand”, in other words you need to contact the mobile phone to ask where it is. In a lot of cases they use the position of a mobile phone mast to triangulate its position which isn’t always accurate.

YouTrack Halo: transmits its position every two minutes so unlike a mobile phone, if in the unlikely event your Halo device got damaged, your last position will have been transmitted already, which could be vital.