We all hope that we’ll always be safe when we’re out, but however cautious we are, accidents and even equipment failure can happen.

Whether it’s road cycling, mountain biking, horse riding or jogging there is an element of risk with any sport but even more so when you’re out on your own. Knowing that with YouTrack Halo a family member, friend or team mate can track your position in the event of an accident or injury in a remote location gives you that extra reassurance.

Any outside sport has an element of possible injury and some sports more than others.  How many sporting activities do you do or know of someone, where the sport involves them being on their own a majority of the time?  You may take your mobile phone with you in case of any mishap or emergency, but do you really want to take an expensive mobile phone with you?. YouTrack Halo is smaller, more robust, water resistant and in the unlikely event of having to replace then the unit is a lot cheaper than a mobile phone. See our Halo vs Mobile page to find out more.

“How do you explain to someone where you are when you’re not even sure”?
We understand not every situation and time you go out is a potential accident but knowing that you have YouTrack Halo at hand gives you the reassurance, just in case but also friends and family the ability to see where you are and that you’re still moving.

We’ve detailed just a few below where YouTrack Halo delivers piece of mind but could also save lives!

You may be a keen cyclist who rides almost every day or someone who likes to get their bike out on the odd occasion and ride just a few miles on an abandoned track. Whether you prefer road cycling on main roads or country lanes or you prefer the off road with mountain biking, each has an element of risk. Every year in this country thousands of cyclists are injured and even killed in reported road accidents.

Rospa Cylcing Road Safety Factsheet

Horse Riding
You may ride a horse every single day; you may have known your horse since the day it was born but as any horse rider will know there is always an element of the unknown.  Through no fault of your own a horse may be spooked by a piece of debris or another animal. The exhilaration of the hack or galloping through the woods has an element of risk if you were to fall. In a lot of cases a horse rider will ride in remote places such as fields and woods, how would you explain to someone where you are if you fell, injured and your horse had bolted? What if you were unconscious, how would someone know where you were?

Jogging is the middle ground between walking and running and whether it’s you, your partner or your children who enjoy the sport we like to get away from the busy streets “to be in the zone”.  However whatever your speed, the high-impact nature of jogging can expose participants to injury whether that be once you arrive back home or even worse when you’re out alone on your own miles from home.

In the winter months we have no choice but to jog in the dark, high visibility clothing is a great safety feature but what do you do when you feel threatened or in an uncomfortable situation?

Other sports
YouTrack Halo has many uses for many sports and scenarios. If there is any situation where you’re on your own or the slimiest chance of injury or just letting loved ones know where you are when you’re out, then YouTrack Halo is for you.