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Meeting Health & Safety requirements

What does your company have in place for lone workers?

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Cost of a cup of coffee to run

Per week one medium Americano costs more than YouTrack Halo+
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All at your Fingertips

Provide your business with another level of personnel management

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Protecting you and your staff

Designed to protect and reassure your staff


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Lone Working

Do you have lone workers in your business?
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YouTrack Halo+ is designed to protect lone workers and provide your business with another level of personnel management.

Based on our YouTrack Halo, aimed at the safety of children, elderly and peace of mind for families; YouTrack Halo+ is specifically designed for lone workers and has added features to protect and manage your work force while away from the office.

Did you know that any organisation that requires staff members to go off site or work in any area on their own (including public areas) has a duty of care to monitor the welfare and provide a worker protection system to that member of staff? Duty of care does not only apply to staff that you may think have a higher than normal risk of injury such as someone who climbs scaffolding daily, but anyone who may be:

  • Visiting clients in their homes
  • Visiting business premises
  • Working in the community
  • Working unsociable hours

Introducing YouTrack Halo+

YouTrack Halo+ is an innovative small GPS tracking device (77 x 47 x 20mm) which may be fastened to a belt, hung round the neck or carried in a pocket or bag. Although we use the latest advances in satellite and mobile phone technology in the design and development of YouTrack Halo+, we’ve combined these two technologies’ to make YouTrack Halo+ as simple as possible to use.

YouTrack Halo+ is specifically designed for your lone worker requirements and needs. Track all or individual members of staff from any internet enabled PC, tablet or smart phone to pinpoint their precise location. Set up alerts such as “SOS” and “Call Me” to reassure your staff that their safety and well-being are paramount.

Have a browse through our site to see the features of our YouTrack Halo+ system and feel free to contact us to ask any questions.