Click on an image below to play a short video which demonstrates the ease of use of the YouTrack Halo+ system and level of detail.

01 - Halo+ (Track)

Halo+ Tracking 

Play this short video to see how simple it is to track your lone workers from your PC and how YouTrack Halo+ delivers a crucial management tool and peace of mind for your staff.

02 - Halo+ (Track Other Features)

Tracking (other features)

See all your staff no matter where in the UK on street level mapping, overlay pushpins of customers and find eta’s to locations and other staff members.

03 - Halo+ (Map Replay)

Map Replay

Overlay visually each Halo+ user or compare one person’s movements to that of another to help improve your customer service or response times.

04 - Halo+ (Reports)


Generate PDF or CSV reports to demonstrate times and location. Schedule reports to be automatically delivered by email.

05 - Halo+ (Alerts)


Set up individual alerts such as “SOS” to text and email if the situation arises. Each alert automatically tags the persons location for quick reference.