Can I see the location of all my staff on the map at the same time?
Yes, from any web enabled device such as a PC, laptop, tablet or your smart phone.
Can I configure each YouTrack Halo+ to contact different people?
Yes, each YouTrack Halo+ can be individually configured to send the SOS alert or any other alert to different people.
Who monitors lone workers?
YouTrack Halo+ is designed to be monitored by you the business and your own staff. This gives you greater flexibility and tighter control of procedures in the case of an event. Nobody knows your business like you.
YouTrack can offer a call centre solution for an additional small monthly charge (see price/quote page), however the normal procedure for a call centre in the case of receiving an SOS message is to contact the line manager, however YouTrack Halo+ will do that automatically.
How long does the battery last before it needs charging?
If YouTrack Halo+ is constantly working approximately 12 hours. However when YouTrack Halo+ doesn’t detect any movement it will go into sleep mode after 5 minutes to prolong the battery life. Remember that if the Halo+ is used for 2 way communication then this will reduce the battery life of the unit, just like a mobile phone.
Is there a mobile app.
Yes as a “Web” app, so you’re not just tied to an android, windows or iPhone applications.
Can I track from any browser on my PC?
Yes in most cases, however we recommend you use Chrome.
Is the unit waterproof?
The unit is water resistant.
What is the process when ordering?
We would require you to sign our quotation and return to us either by scanning and emailing or faxing through to us along with confirmation of address the devices are to be dispatched to. We will confirm receipt of order and advise when the devices have been dispatched.
Will we be tied into any contracts?
No, once you’ve purchased the YouTrack Halo+ it is yours to keep and the monthly subscriptions are paid on a rolling monthly basis in advance.
How are my monthly subscriptions paid and set up?
When you register your YouTrack Halo+ for the first time (via our web based software) you will be asked to set up your subscription via direct debit electronically. Your subscription will be paid via your bank on the 1st of each calendar month.
Am I limited to the amount of times I can track on the Halo+?
No you have unlimited use. You can track and access the YouTrack software when and where you like and as many times as you wish.
What does the monthly subscription pay for?
The YouTrack unit contains a SIM card, just like your mobile phone does, your monthly subscription pays for this and all the positional data your YouTrack Halo+ sends when moving. It also includes the entire infrastructure behind the scenes such as data centres that house our servers, ongoing development and our mapping licenses. Email alerts are included but SMS text messages are not included in your monthly subscription.
Can I set up more than one person to use the YouTrack system?
You can set up as many users as you like.
What is the charge for text message alerts and how do I purchase them?
Text messages are charged at 12p per text message and can either be purchased in bundles through your YouTrack website via “settings” – “your account”, or billed via direct debit.
Can I control what alert messages I receive?
Yes, you have total control of the system and can set up what alerts you receive. However please be aware that if you let anyone else use your account they can also set alerts up too.
Can I have my YouTrack Halo+ send alerts via email?
Yes you can and you can have up to three email addresses to receive alerts.
Does the Halo+ have a listen-in facility?
Yes the Halo+ does have a listen-in facility. One designated number will need to be assigned for this facility. Owing to the sensitive nature and privacy implications of this feature, it is only available on special request.
Can I change my password at any time?
Yes via your YouTrack website.
Do I have warranty and for how long?
Yes, your warranty period starts from the date of delivery of your YouTrack Halo+ and is valid for 12 months.