YouTrack Halo+ or Mobile?

We are often asked why use YouTrack Halo+ for my lone workers when they have a mobile phone? YouTrack Halo+ units use the same mobile networks as your mobile phones, for example Vodafone (our primary provider), 02, EE etc.:

YouTrack Halo+ is not a replacement for a mobile phone. The mobile phone was/is a revolutionary invention however when considering the options for your lone workers and management of staff in general it’s worth bearing in mind the following:

Find nearest person


Unlike a mobile phone or mobile phone app, YouTrack Halo+ provides a proactive approach in communicating your staffs’ location when they are away from the office and is designed specifically for lone working and position acquisition. This also reduces the need for phone calls to check a person location, which is a very high percentage of what the mobile phones are used for.




Providing your staff with a smart phone which will enable a tracking application is expensive. A lot of employees use their own personal mobile phone and charge their business for outgoing calls. Asking an employee to load a tracking application on their own phone could be sensitive issue and they have every right to enable and disable when they please, in working time or not.




A smart phones primary role is for telephone communications and secondly to run applications on the phone such as mail, games, Facebook etc, however that isn’t generally the case these days. Because of this reason smart phones can drain their battery quickly in particular when a GPS application is running. In the case of YouTrack Halo+, its primary purpose is GPS tracking and everything else is secondary.




Mobile phone tracking is generally “pole on demand”, in other words you need to contact the mobile phone to ask where it is. YouTrack Halo+ transmits its position every two minutes so unlike a mobile phone, if in the unlikely event your Halo+ device got damaged, your last position will have been transmitted already which could be vital.





YouTrack Halo+ is equipped with an SOS button which can be pre-programmed via your YouTrack web based software to alert line managers/call centre by SMS and email of activation. Unlike a mobile phone this can also be discreetly pressed to alert of a potential situation and tags your location within the message during need of assistance.



Phone Me


YouTrack Halo+ also has a “Call Me” button that also sends SMS and email to selected persons so they can communicate with the wearer via the YouTrack Halo+ for two way voice communications. YouTrack Halo+ will not receive phone calls except from authorised numbers programmed via the YouTrack software.



Listen In


Dependent on your requirements an authorised telephone number (set up via your login to YouTrack software) can discreetly contact YouTrack Halo+ and listen in on the surroundings. This function is useful when needing to establish an insight into the wearers’ situation, e.g. worker in a threatening situation where any behaviour could escalate.



Solo unit


YouTrack Halo+ is IP65 rated and has less chance of getting damaged due to its size and build quality. In the unlikely event that the YouTrack Halo+ was damaged beyond repair it is a lot cheaper to replace compared to a smart phone that is generally in the region of £400 to replace. Less risk of YouTrack Halo+ been stolen, one because of its discreet look and two because it’s a
tracking device.




There is no risk of large phone bills because the YouTrack Halo+ can only receive calls (from three authorised numbers).