There are conflicting numbers regarding the amount of lone workers within the UK, however it is estimated that there are over 5 million and this number is growing each year.

Lone workers we are under the responsibility of their employers during work hours, whether that is normal 9 – 5 working hours or outside of these. The environment in which lone workers work must be as safe as it can be whether that is while out and about in a vehicle, walking in the street or if knocking on someone’s door to make a home visit.


YouTrack Halo+ is more than just a black box, it provides real time safety and management of your staff. As well as providing your lone workers with the ability to raise an alarm in a potentially harmful situation, YouTrack Halo+ constantly transmits the position of your employee every 2 minutes. Track one or all of your employees at the click of a button, allowing greater management and effective response to your staff and customer needs.

    • Provide staff with reassurance of their wellbeing.
    • Adhere to HSE guideline and Duty of Care.
    • Accountability of your employees’ locations and times.
    • Pinpoint nearest staff or vehicle to location of other staff.
    • Total transparency of all workforce.
    • Provide better support for your customers.
The environment in which lone workers work, must be as safe as it can be